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Our Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church broke ground in 2005 to accommodate a growing population of Vietnamese Catholics in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Despite selecting a new, larger location for worship, our congregation continued to grow. With over 4,000 parishioners, our services began to crowd and our classrooms began to overflow. It became apparent that a new, larger church needed to be constructed to replace the buildings that were used.

The first fundraising festival was organized on January 24 & 25 of 2009. It was opened to the public as Hoi Cho Mua Xuan 2009, translated as, “2009 Spring Festival.” The two-day event’s purpose was to fundraise for the development and construction of a new church; and to celebrate the Vietnamese cultural heritage. With over 10,000 festival-goers the first time around, we planned another festival for the fall of 2009. Hoi Cho Mua Thu 2009 (“2009 Fall Festival”), a three-day event, brought in astonishing 20,000 festival-goers!

After many observations and studies, core festival organizers decided to make an annual three-day fall festival, taking advantage of the convenience Labor Day had to offer.

Festival attendance grew annually. In a 2011 Fall Festival police survey, approximately 35,000 people entered our church grounds. Today, our Church’s annual fall festival is recognized by Vietnamese communities nation-wide, and is a main staple of Vietnamese Catholic communities in the Southeast United States. We help reunite families and friends, we teach our children and guests our Vietnamese heritage, and we contribute to the vibrancy of the region’s cultural and faith communities.

The dream and the prayers of the parishioners became reality on Nov. 28, 2019 when an estimated 4,000 people witnessed the dedication of Holy Vietnamese Martyrs Church, a towering building with roofs of sweeping overhanging eaves. It seats about 1,500, as believers filled every seat on the former car dealership campus from the old church building to the social hall. Bishop Joel M. Konzen, SM, diocesan administrator, led the Thanksgiving Day Mass and dedication, along with some 30 other priests, including Vietnamese clergymen from around the country.

Come join us for our 2021 Fall Festival this September 3, 4 and 5. Come enjoy our diverse music, our delicious food, and our rich culture. Come help us as we continue to raise funds to pay off debt and build more facilities and programs to develop our faith and Vietnamese culture

Fall Festival Logos

All Fall Festival logos since 2009!  A testimony of unfaltering commitment to bringing love and joy to the people of our communities.

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